Lifestyle: no spending, 6 weeks – week one

Week one of my longest running challenge so far has been interesting.  Technically, I think I’ve done alright.  With the rules anyway, the challenges not so much.

I tell a small lie.  I bought lunch one day and got slightly distracted on my way to the till and did buy three hair dyes.  In my defense, they were all reduced and on a buy 2 get 1 free.  £7 for three new temporary hair colours.  Terrible excuse I know, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to trying them out.

With complete honesty in mind, I also had my hair cut, upgraded my phone, and spent a night in the cinema with far too much wine.  But, I haven’t bought clothes or shoes despite ASOS spreading all kind of news about a sale, so I think that’s okay.

The challenges are a different story.  I haven’t started clearing out my wardrobe or giving any attention to that part of the house.  I’m fairly certain I’ve still got a load of washing in the machine.  Clothes can be this weeks priority.

One of the challenges was to make something every week.  I’m going to say I’ve definitely cheated here but I’m going to let myself off on a technicality.  Instead of making a tangible thing from the massive stock of craft supplies which was the idea behind the task, I’ve made a change to the living room with the copious amounts of stuff already in here.  Slight cop out, but something has been made during the week.

This is a lovey panoramic of the mismatched starting point.  Not much has changed since I moved in and that’s nearly a year ago.  Not completely awful but definitely in need of a spruce.


A shuffle around, a bit of a clear out, and that knit covered hand made box finally gone.  The first piece of furniture I’ve made for the house and I really hate it.  For the last year I have sat and hated those red curtains, and for the last year I’ve been saying I’m going to make some new ones.  Maybe a bare window will spur me on to get the sewing machine out.  This mini transformation took a lot longer than expected, but I’m pretty pleased.  This side of the camera looks quite grown up.  The other side is a different story.  That can also be a focus for this week.


So this has been an interesting week.  I’ve found it a bit of an eye opener actively avoiding spending money.  I do have my doubts whether I’ll be able to last another 5 weeks, but then I am a very stubborn person so I’m sure I can keep my purse shut tight for a bit longer.  I just need to put more effort into sticking with the challenges as well.

Stay tuned!

Much love!