Style: beating the holiday blues update part 2

Not to blow my own trumpet, but I think I did much better this week than the week before.  I still wouldn’t quite wear any of this on a holiday, but for keeping my job, I don’t think I did too badly.  Us British people love to complain about the weather and I’d hate to break from the stereotype.  This heat is getting too much.  Nothing in England is made for this level of hot.

Day 1

Long cream blouse, flowery skirt, snake print shoes.  Riskiest outfit ever.  Everything seemed fine, until I got in the car.  Fairly certain I flashed my whole street before 9am.  Floaty fabrics may be perfect for this freakishly hot weather, but as soon as the slightest breeze comes along, game over.  I did have slight worries about this outfit, so on the positive side, I chose the day the two biggest pervs in the office weren’t in.  Very good choice I’d say.  Definitely not a work appropriate outfit.  Quite a few times during the day I did find myself doing a bit of a strut around the corridors when I was walking alone.  Don’t think I’ve ever felt that level of sass and confidence at work before.

Day 2

Stripey dress, black boots.  Much safer option than the day before.  I felt amazing in this dress.  I have a new found love for a short(ish) dress and an ankle boot.  After my legs out challenge and gaining what I’d say is a pretty decent tan, I’m not hating flashing a bit of skin.  Plus, in this heat, who has the energy to care.

Day 3

Check trousers, yellow flowery top, leopard shoes.  In theory, I love this outfit.  In practice, I hate it.  Sleeves have no place in the sun.  These trousers have no business being on my body when I’m too hot and could use another four weeks at least not eating takeaways.

Day 4

Green wide leg awkward length trousers, cream and black geometric top, leopard shoes.  So much more comfortable.  The tightest part of this outfit was the shoes.  Far too hot for fake leather shoes.  Sweaty and puffy.  Not ideal.

Day 5

Burgundy top, bird print wide leg trousers, peach(?) shoes.  Basically pyjamas.  My favourite kind of outfit.  I’d forgotten about these trousers, they’d got buried in the back of the wardrobe.   Very happy with this find.  I was potentially showing a little too much cleavage, but it’s really too hot to care.

Apart from melting everyday, I felt pretty good about this week.  I still don’t think I’ve completely nailed the summer holiday x work wardrobe ideal, but I think this is about as close as my wardrobe can manage.  Especially without flashing the world or breaking my no spend challenge.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a part 3 update before, but the weather makes it seem necessary.  This next week though, I’m going to try and mix a bit more funk into my day to day work outfits.  It’s starting to get harder and harder to dress for this ridiculous weather, but I doubt it’s going to last that much longer so I figure it’s the perfect time to push my wardrobe to its limit.  I could end next week with a lots of regrets.  Oh well.

Stay tuned!

Much love!