Lifestyle: no spending, 6 weeks – week two

Week two was going so well, until Sunday night. I’d driven back from visiting family. Two hours in a boiling hot car, getting back way after all the supermarkets had shut, I had no choice. A takeaway was ordered. I definitely could have attempted a cupboard raid, but honestly I was far too hot, tired and hungry for any of that faff. I’m going to give myself that one. Couldn’t have risked heat stroke from standing in the kitchen over a hot stove.

I did manage to stick to the no clothes or makeup rules. The only personal let down here is that I haven’t branched out of my usual routine to use some of my more neglected products. I do have another excuse here though. It’s just too hot for makeup. How does anyone in a constantly hot country cope and avoid makeup melting down your face?

This week, I’ve done a little bit (tiny bit would be more accurate) better in the challenges as well. The wardrobe started to be sorted through, until it got too hot and I had to sit down and fan myself. There is currently a pile of extremely neglected items on the floor. I thought it would only be fair to give everything one last chance before it gets kicked out. Combining with my beating the holiday blues part 3, I’m going to see what outfits can be put together from this somewhat unfortunate pile to create some summer friendly outfits.

With the making thing challenge, I’ve definitely toed the line of cheating again.  After staying with my sister at the weekend, I was really inspired by her house.  It’s amazing.  One tiny decoration aspect I wanted to copy was the amount and arrangement of artwork everywhere.  Obviously without spending any money.  So, the aim of the game was to make use of any pieces of ‘artwork’ I’ve previously made and stored in the garage.  Great plan in my opinion.

Turns out I have commitment issues and zero knowledge of how to hang a picture.  When you’ve got an old wardrobe side and some empty photo frames, does that really matter?  I don’t think so.  Or I’ve lost my mind.  Figuring out the logistics of how to actually put things on the walls definitely distracted me from rooting through boxes and finding any of the pieces I have already made, but this does feel like a more productive start than filling the living room floor with things that have nowhere to go.

I picked these frames up super cheap a few years ago when a local photographer was closing down his shop.  I had zero use for them at the time but couldn’t resist.  My home Pinterest board is full of walls full of frames, but like I said, commitment issues and lack of DIY skills.  In my very bias opinion, I think this is a pretty ingenious solution.  That might be a bit generous but still, well done brain.


It is now half way through week three, so I’m really going to have to work my little backside off to keep up with the challenge side of this no spending challenge.  I promise, the next update will feature full frames, something that has actually been made, and will hopefully be on time.

Stay tuned!

Much love!