Style: crazy hair

Most people love a new hair cut for how good it looks. Don’t get me wrong, I love that part too, but I can’t resist seeing what directions my new do can take.

Hair 1

I’d say this is a typical bed head look. Not far off how I usually wake up on a morning. I do feel quite sorry for whoever ends up having to wake up next to this in the future.


Hair 2

My ode to the world cup. A little David Beckham inspired curtain look. This is about as far as my football support goes, a couple of minutes with an unfortunate throwback hairdo.


Hair 3

Who doesn’t love an awkward comb over? My hair. So much gel was sacrificed in the making of this look, I don’t think my right side has fully forgiven me.


Hair 4

The curly comb forward. I think this has to be my favourite. If I could recreate this and figure out what’s going on in the back, I think I’d consider this for a real world appearance one day. Maybe.


Hair 5

I like to think this look could be the little sister of Sally (American Horror Story – Hotel). The world’s smallest crimpers can be thanked for this outcome. My hair might take a while to forgive me, but who doesn’t love a crimp? It took a lot of coaxing and coconut oil for my hair to consider being my friend after this.


Hair 6

This is why you never get your toast out of the toaster with a knife, with side plaits. The crimping really does help with a bit of upwards volume.


Hair 7

The controlled crimp. Absolutely no idea what’s going on in the back, but who cares? This could work out as a desperate ‘I have no time to tame the bedhead’ look. Possibly. If time gets really tough.


Hair 8

Version two of mild electrocution. A wilder side to bedhead. All the gel and all the crimping went into this amazing style. I don’t know how I do it.


Hair 9

I’d like to call this my ode to Cynthia doll from the Rugrats. Who hasn’t tried to recreate her style on a casual day off? People with something better to do maybe?


It always amazes me a little bit how much you can still do with short hair, even if non of it is any use apart from maybe at a fancy dress party. I should probably work of figuring out some more real life appropriate hairdos for non existent hair, but where’s the fun in everything being serious and pretty all the time?

Stay tuned!

Much love!