Style: beating the holiday blues update part 3

This so far from a challenge, challenge has been stretched so much further than it ever should have been. I officially give up on trying to hold onto the holiday. My plan was also to try and make some of the things I’d kicked out of my wardrobe.  Not done very well with that part either. Maybe that is the final sign they have no place in the house.

Jeans, striped shirt, espadrilles. Easiest airport outfit ever.  Legit what I wore on the way to the land of sunshine. This morning was an absolute nightmare. Woke up at half 9, when I start work at 9. For a 10 minute morning rush around, I don’t think I did too badly.

Wide leg jumpsuit, floral top, jelly shoes. I have to be most proud of this look for the week. Did feel a little bit extra wearing what looked like a floor length full skirt, who doesn’t enjoy being able to swish around the office though? This strapless jumpsuit has been sat in the wardrobe for over a year. It came from eBay. I can’t be the only person who struggles with strapless? There’s a choice of weird mono-boob, uncomfortable strapless bra, or visible straps. Non of which I ever want to have to choose. Why didn’t I think of putting another top over?

Jeans, pink knitted top, tassel sandals. Lazy mid week outfit, sorted. There isn’t much else that can be said about this look. I did love bringing out the tassels again, my little bit of joy for the day.

Jeans, tuxedo top, star boots. The boots are back. These were a Christmas present to myself. Then I left them at my brothers at New Year. So happy to be reunited. The top was from the reject pile, I’m still not convinced. It might be going.

Striped jumpsuit, wedges. This outfit may have come complete with cocktails. Just maybe. I felt amazing and the sun came back out for the night. It also seemed like a good night to try a different hair style. Since having the big chop, I don’t think I had ever done a full comb over. Loved it.

Stripe shorts, black top, trainers. This may have been a little daytime date outfit. What do you wear in the boiling heat when an alpaca farm is involved? I think I nailed it. Hope so anyway. Fingers crossed for the second date.

There’s a reason I haven’t done a three part update before. There’s a very good reason. Three weeks is far too long to stay motivated for any kind of challenge. This next week I need to up the challenge factor and stop chickening out with an overstretched idea.

Stay tuned!

Much love!