Style: jazzing up challenge

After dragging out my last style challenge for far too long, it has to be time for something a bit more difficult. I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned this before, but accessorising and generally anything that involves jazzing up an outfit has always been something I’ve struggled pulling together. This is the week to try and change that. I’m thinking hair, make up and jewellery.


The rules:


A different style every day. I do have limited options but I’m determined to not stick with the usual fringe forward look. I can see plaits and kirby grips in my future. If things get really desperate, there could also be some hair dye.

Make up

No boring faces this week. No getting up 5 minutes before needing to leave the house and having zero time to do anything other than mascara and a smidge of concealer. I’m clearly not talking full on going out out makeup but something that says yeah I’ve put some effort in before I ran to the car this morning would be just fine by me.


I could go all out with this part of the challenge and push myself to wear as much as possible, I may struggle with knowing what I want my aesthetic to be, but I know it isn’t Bet Lynch. It’d be nice to make manageable and realistic changes to my usual lazy routine of not wearing any bling and be able to start incorporating a bit of jazzing up into my day to day life. The rule here is going to be a minimum of two decorative pieces about my person for each day. That shouldn’t be too difficult, and in my optimistic mind, it should take the pressure off the weeks outfits. I can see that thought process going very wrong.

There isn’t a great master plan to follow here but this still should be the simplest thing to achieve. I already have my doubts about pulling it all together on a morning. Does anyone else struggle so much getting out of bed to be an adult in the morning? Wish me luck.

Stay tuned!

Much love!