Lifestyle: no spending, 6 weeks – weeks three & four

So, I can’t really tell you what happened to week three. I blinked, and it was gone. It went by that fast that I’m fairly certain I didn’t spend on anything I shouldn’t have. There was potentially a takeaway after a night out, but does that ever really count? I definitely didn’t buy any clothes, shoes or makeup and I think that is the more important side of the challenge.

During week 4, I did treat myself to a hair mask. This was only about £3 and my hair is very thankful so I think I can let myself off with that one. All the rules (no takeaways, no clothing, no makeup) were stuck to. The only time my purse opened this week was to buy a bit of food. That is definitely allowed. The challenges are another story. This excuse is wearing very thin but I’m blaming the heat. It’s far too hot for any unnecessary movements. The wardrobe is still pretty intact, there’s a lot of items that really do need to be evicted. Promise I’ll work on that. I did manage to make something though.

I finally made some curtains. It’s only taken a year of putting up with the ones that came with the house. The ones that were the same colour as my high school jumper. 12 years after that time, I should be done with that shade. This fabric has been hanging around in my little (not so little stash) for literally years. I probably bought it when I was at college and the cheap fabric shop was on my way back to the car park. It was a clearance off cut and I’ve been wanting to use it ever since. Finally, it has pride of place. These curtains took one YouTube video for reference, The Purge for all the pressing, Snatch for the sewing, and an episode of American Horror Story for finishing off. I like to watch things while I work. Anyone else do that? I also think it’s a pretty good way to track time, who needs a clock or a watch when you can judge doing things by how long it takes other people to pretend to do things?

I can’t wait for this challenge to be over. The shops are calling. Literally never thought I would miss shopping so much. Definitely need to get out more. My bank is getting concerned I’ve been kidnapped. Two weeks left, this is the final push for this challenge and that means all the stops have to be pulled out. I refuse to be beaten by not spending money.

Stay tuned!

Much love!