Lifestyle: no spending, 6 weeks – week five

I’m ashamed to say, but this week I have completely failed. I bought shoes and underwear. With the shoes, I blame my sister, her train was late in so I had time to kill before picking her up. That’s a legit excuse right? Absolutely not. The underwear, I saw a Facebook advert and thought I’d stretch out my cheating session. Then to top it all off, I ordered a takeaway while unwrapping both packages. Failure.

I do love everything I have bought though so I don’t honestly have that much regret.


I am quite happy to report that I’ve done much better with the wardrobe challenge. Things have actually been evicted. Finally. The plan was to create three piles. Items to try and sell, items to fix/remake, items to give one absolute last chance to see if they can make nice outfits.

Instead we have a pile heading for the sewing machine, and two confused merging piles that don’t really know which direction they are going in. Maybe eBay, maybe a charity shop, maybe a shimmy over to the sewing machine pile. Time will tell. I’m determined for everything not to end up back in the wardrobe without anything happening to it first. Wish me luck.

So over this challenge. Not spending money is ridiculously hard. Complete first world problems over here but I miss the days of being able to treat myself without feeling guilty. Once I got over feeling sorry for myself, it has been quite therapeutic to get rid of some stuff, even if technically nothing has left the house yet. One week left, I can do this. I think.

Stay tuned!

Much love!