Style: Bluebella review

While I was busy breaking my no spending for six weeks challenge, I did something I have never done before. Bought from a Facebook advert of a company I’ve never heard from before. Bluebella. Now, this definitely isn’t an advert or any kind of sponsored thing, this is just me trying to justify my spending by sharing my findings with you lovely people. I did do a quick Google search to make sure this wasn’t a company that was going to steal my credit card details and bankrupt me. Honestly, as soon as I saw the brand was sold on ASOS it put my mind completely to rest and I’d already decided I liked the designs too much to let any other reviews put me off ordering.

Before I go any further, I feel like a bit of background on my boobs would be relevant. I used to work for a bra manufacturing company and then measured at a 30F. This was a wire not pressing into the soft tissue and band sitting straight across kind of fit. Since then I’ve lost of bit of boob and put a bit of weight on and worn a lot of soft cup bras so I’m not 100% sure on that being my current size (plus there’s always variation between brands when it does come to sizing).

The Bluebella advert I saw was about the sale. I can’t resist a sale. Size wise this did limit my options slightly so I thought I would try a few different sizes depending on what was available in different styles.


Bra one

Bluebella Laura Soft Cup Bra (UK:M)

I love this bra, great start to the trying on session. The fit was nearly perfect with an ever so slight threat of a double boob. You can’t tell everything from the first trying on, but this feels extremely comfortable, and also slightly like swimwear, but I don’t hate that at all. With a soft cup bra I generally go for a bigger size than I would in clothes to make up for my smaller back to cup ratio (if that makes any sense?)


Bra two

Fifty Shades of Grey Black Label Soft Triangle Bra (UK:12)

I was really excited about the shape of this bra. The amount of similar styles I’ve got pinned on Pinterest is ridiculous. As soon as I tried it on, I hated it. It gives me a big, non cleavage gap at the front, surrounded by wavy, gapey, elastic. The sides go far too far around and give a lovely wedge of back fat. I haven’t seen Fifty Shades of Grey, but I can’t imagine this being the look they are going for.


Bra three

Bluebella Artemis Wired Bra Black (UK:32E)

This bra confused me quite a bit. It feels a tad bit like it looks like a granny bra but kind of dig it. With the exception of some slight gathering (which could easily be ignored), this feels like the perfect bra. The wire feels like it fits perfectly around the boob without any soft tissue feeling like it is being pressed into. Plus zero quad boob going on.


Bra four

Bluebella Tiana Bra Black (UK:32DD)

This has to be the funniest thing I have ever put on my body. This bra is basically an underwire with two strips of lace that I think are supposed to cross over the nipple. To be fair, the wire is a great fit, but the complete lack of cup does not agree with my no longer 21 year old boobs. Weird bulges and a very saggy looking profile are the result.


Bra five

Bluebella Gia Bra (UK:M)

I’m not sure if you can actually call this a bra and I can’t quite decide how i feel about it. Obviously it would be absolutely useless running a marathon, but for being a bit of a poser and with the right outfit, it could be a winner. I do love the shape and texture of the pattern, I have found tops like this to be a weird fit in the past. Added bonus with this one, it doesn’t show off any back fat like the other soft cup.


Bra six

Bluebella Aphrodite Bra Black (UK:32E)

I wasn’t sure about this bra when I added it to my basket. The top straps looked a bit too broad for a small back size. I’m sure this would look amazing on a woman with curves to die for and a chest that can’t be ignored. On me this was very gapey and just looked ridiculous. Despite being the same size as the granny bra that fits perfectly.


Bra seven

Bluebella Artemis Wired Bra Rose Dust/Black (UK:32E)

This is the same style and fit as the first granny bra obviously with a different colour and pant option. Kind of love this one too. I just hope they both live up to the initial comfort level from the first try on. There is one negative I do have about this bra, the colour scheme. Yes, it’s pretty, but you still can’t wear it under a white top, can you? It would be nice to find a somewhat pretty bra that is suitable for wearing under light coloured things. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like to always flash their unmentionables.


Bra eight

Bluebella Luisa High-Apex Bra Black/Rose Dust (UK:32DD)

I think I may have fallen in love with this bra. There is a very slight double boob going on but nothing major. I’ve tried this style on before with the part foam cup and lace overlay and they have never worked. This is potentially my new favourite piece of underwear.


Bra nine

Bluebella Luisa Wired Bra Black/Rose Dust (UK:32DD)

This may be the weirdest bra ever. Cool, but very peculiar. It seems more like part of a stage costume than actual underwear. I am pretty impressed with the construction though, sticks straight up all by itself with no sagging. I can’t see it being practical in the slightest though.

I have to say on the whole I am very impressed with this little haul. Some pieces are going straight back, there’s a couple I’m not 100% sold on, and there’s some absolute winners. For my first time buying off an ad, I couldn’t be happier. This could be setting a dangerous precedent though, what if all social media ads turn out to be great buying opportunities? My bank is going to start hating me again very soon I think.

Stay tuned!

Much love!