Style: break up the boring challenge.

This will hopefully be my last time blaming the heat, but all this hot weather really does have me stuck in a fashion rut. Not that I have ever claimed to be any kind of fashion guru, but I really have been choosing more based on practicality that aesthetic. I’m not quite ready to be that sensible just yet.

It’s time for a change. For this week, the plan is to actually inject a bit of interest into my wardrobe. The shoes I bought in my cheating shopping spree should definitely help out here too.

I’ve picked out some clothes I don’t think I’ve worn in a while but I like. Some tassel heavy shoes. Along with some Birchbox and MUA products I’d like to have more of a play around with.

The one and only rule is that every outfit has to have one work friendly, show stopping, Instagram worthy aspect. This could be the shoes, the jewellery, the makeup, the hair, you get the picture. I’ve accepted that a long list of rules isn’t really working for me at the moment, so surely if I simplify the parameters, this super taxing challenge will become a bit more achievable.

I have a good feel about this week. A slightly sweaty optimism that this will be a challenge I can actually stick to. Fingers crossed.

Stay tuned!

Much love!