Style: L’Oreal Colorista Washout review

During my no spending for 6 weeks, I cheated. But, in my defense there was a clearance section at Boots and who can resist that when you’re buying a sandwich? Obviously I just had to pick up a few different L’Oreal temporary hair colours. After trying their purple one a few months back, I was so impressed with how it went on and most importantly how it came out, it would have been crazy to miss the opportunity. Literally any excuse over here.

To really boost the before and after photos, here we have my very sad (very greasy) looking hair. The roots are starting to show pretty prominently and I clearly woke up far too late to do anything this morning. Not a great look by far, you can practically hear every strand screaming for a better life.

Style: L'Oreal Colorista Washout review - pre hair dye

Who doesn’t love a mid process update? Now, I have to say this colour turned out a lot more vibrant than I expected. The box says pastel peach. I wouldn’t say this is anywhere near a pastel shade. Don’t hate it though. The dye has a very basic method – whack it on, wait 20 minutes, wash off. I didn’t use any gloves to apply and my hands weren’t stained at all. I feel like I need to point out though, my hair takes approximately 2 minutes to completely cover in dye and I washed my hands straight after so there probably wasn’t enough time for any staining to happen. After using the last product, I’m sure my hair felt more moisturised than it did with this one. It didn’t feel dried out, just like it could maybe do with a bit longer with a conditioning mask.

Style: L'Oreal Colorista Washout review - during hair dye

This is the dried and very slightly straighten result. Not what I expected at all, but I think I love it. Can’t quite decide if it looks good, or I look like a nearly 30 year old going through a quarter life crisis. Do labels really matter though?


The box says it should last two to three washes, we’ll see about that. I have to say I am quite hopeful it will wash out quickly, purely because I’m too excited to wait too long to try the other colours out. It could also be because ASOS have so many more shades in the same dye family on offer at the moment. Too many colours to try.

Stay tuned!

Much love!