Style: Liz styling my blue hair update

I finally did it. Followed a challenge for one whole week. So proud of myself. It has been such a hard week having my clothes picked out and having to put them on all by myself.

Striped shirt. Pale blue trousers. Silver metallic shoes. Accidental cleavage. This was my first day at work debuting my new hair. I got told I looked like a space cadet, can’t say I mind that at all. Love the shirt, the trousers felt a little bit tight (look at that knee outline), I really want to love these shoes (because just look at them) but you walk further than 6 foot and the pain begins.

Style: Liz styling my blue hair update

Floral(ish) blouse, blue culottes, star boots. Loved this outfit, got mistaken for a 1920s lady with a hat on by an 80 odd year old man. I really can’t explain that sentence any further, I kind of wish I could but it made me laugh just enough. Apart from the top inch of my zip not fastening, this was a pretty comfy outfit, this may be my new favourite shape, big and baggy, basically pyjamas.


The one time I ask Liz to take my pictures, this is what happens. You just can’t get the staff these days. To be fair the sun decided to come out so bright and just wreck any chance of a half decent shot.

Striped dress and ankle boots. Love the ankle boots and dress combo, but definitely didn’t feel all that comfortable in this dress. Too many pizzas have lead to a slight pot belly, which unlike Bruce Willis’ french girlfriend in ‘Pulp Fiction’, I’m not a fan of that look. I’m also fairly sure I flashed my pants to anyone around every time I walked upstairs. One too many issues in an outfit for my liking.


Faux suede skirt, grey t-shirt, velvet ankle boots, black necklace. This was the first time I’d worn this skirt (impulse eBay purchase), wasn’t too sure how I felt about it but I ended up feeling amazing. I like the mix of nice and casual, did accidentally flash my manager a few times though when I was crossing my legs which wasn’t awkward at all.


Liz has done such a good job. Might see if she fancies an unpaid stylist job. That would definitely make my life a whole lot easier. Or I might just have to start putting my own effort back into making it look like I can be a functional day to day adult. That does sound like hard work though.

Stay tuned!

Much love!