Style: L’Oreal Colorista denim blue review update

I don’t really know what to say. Firstly, I am no longer L’Oreal Colorista’s number one fan. Secondly, I will never dye my hair blue again. According to the box, this colour was supposed to be completely gone in 10-20 washes. Biggest lie ever told. I didn’t take a picture after every wash, partly because I didn’t think 20 photos of virtually the same image would be that interesting, but mainly because I just wasn’t that organised.

So here is the starting colour. Bright, bold and nice even coverage. I didn’t feel half as self conscious as I thought I would do, doing the styling challenge definitely helped me get over the change pretty quickly.

Style: L'Oreal Colorista denim blue review

After the first wash or two, the colour stayed pretty well but you can see the front little tufts starting to fade, not a huge problem and (hopefully) not the worst looking thing in the world.


Slightly more fading (and maybe just a little dry shampoo). Still not the worst thing in the world, still quite nice tones going on and no horizontal stripes.


The brightness and shininess isn’t quite there any more. Not awful, but on its way to be a bit wishy washy.


More colour fading but once the little tufts are hidden you can see the more drastic fading. This had to have been at least 10 washes in and I did expect at least a little bit more fading by this point.


Definitely taking more of a pastel turn now. I don’t have a problem with with pastels, but I was hoping for a wash out ending.


I don’t think I have ever wanted to cry about my hair until this day. Well over the timescale on the box and what is this? I went to the hairdressers to get my roots sorted out and a nice little trim only to find out there was still too much blue left and any kind of bleach treatment would make everything look so much worse. Great. To be completely honest, I was slightly hungover and not really looking forward to spending three hours sat in a chair but I was looking forward to that new fresh hair feeling.


A cut did get rid of the darkest bits of blue that were still sticking around.


I’ve lost count of how many washes in I’m at now but this colour clearly isn’t going anywhere. No longer enjoying life as a blue person. If my hair ever does get back to some kind of niceness again, I need to remember I am not a hairdresser and I really don’t know what I’m doing. I think the only time this colour would be a good idea is if you have longer hair, just do the ends and don’t mind having to chop it all out.

Next step is to try every at home colour removal treatment in a desperate attempt to fix this mess. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned!

Much love!