Style: banishing the blue

So. How do you get blue out of your hair? Is it possible? Why does anyone make blue hair dye? Are they monsters?

Google had quite a few suggestions, but none of them sounded very confident about any outcomes. It seems pretty unanimous across the internet that getting rid of blue is impossible. I probably should have looked into any of this information before I started with the dye in the first place. What an idiot. Here we have the starting point. At least 30 washes in and very far from blonde.

At the hairdressers, I got lots of different advice from lots of different people and it all sounded like they were grasping at straws. Which I’m guessing they were. Very sweet of them to try though.



Fighting back the tears (so dramatic, I know) I went from the hairdressers to Boots to buy the harshest shampoo I could find. Picked up a bottle of Vosene and the very concerned but lovely lady at the till told me it would take the colour straight out of my hair. What a liar. It made my hair feel pretty dry until I added a nice little conditioning treatment but made no difference to the colour.


This product is supposed to strip processed colour out of hair without any the use of any bleach or harsh chemicals. Lies.

The instructions are pretty simple, mix bottle A into bottle B, pour it all over your head and leave for a bit. They are more specific than that and I did follow them to the letter with the exception of only using half the mixture because I don’t have much hair. Then you rinse with bottle C and use bottle D after. This whole process took an age and a half. It stinks. Literally. Most importantly, it did pretty much nothing to the colour. In an act of desperation, I did the whole process again with the rest of the mixture. Big mistake. Every time my hair is wet it smells so bad. Here I’m not being dramatic. I got caught in some pouring rain and spent the rest of the night with a pungent shadow following me around.

Head and shoulders


This was a doomed to fail idea but I was at the point where I just wanted to feel like I was still trying. It goes without saying, this did absolutely nothing to the colour.

A cocktail of Vitamin C, Vosene & Head and shoulders


The internet suggested this, and I think I’ve mentioned I was feeling pretty desperate. This method involves crushing up vitamin C tables, mixing in some shampoo and leaving it on your clingfilm wrapped head for at least an hour. I did this twice. First time with five tables, second time with seven. The first application did make my hair feel quite healthy and the second I think may have just about gotten rid of the Colourless smell. The blue remains though.

If your very optimistic and squint, you could maybe say I’m half a shade away from where I started. There’s a heck of a lot of effort that has gone into virtually no results. Hopefully my wonderful hairdresser is going to have some magic solution, otherwise I think I may have to have the shortest chop of my life.

Stay tuned!

Much love!