Style: banishing the blue part two

It is officially impossible to get blue hair dye out of your hair.

I spent a fair bit of time cooking my head to get the brown out of my roots with those pesky blue tips sticking out, mocking everyone.


I love a foil low crown. This was just an extra bit of chilling time to make sure my roots had lifted enough, they had gotten pretty long after all. Blue tips still laughing at everyone.


Here, the pesky blue should be meeting its match with a nice thick coat of bleach. Emphasis on should be. After leaving the bleach for as long as possible before all my hair fell out, the greeny blue colour I has walked in with turned back to pure blue. No joke. The blue has no intention of budging. There’s a good chance I nearly broke my hairdresser today, she’s given me amazing hair and I ruined it in 20 minutes.


Being the genius that she is, Chelsea decided to work with it rather than fight it. Grey roots transitioning into blue. Great plan.


I don’t think I could be happier. Roots are gone and so is the greenish yellowish. I have promised never to mess with any form of blue again. Pinks are fine, but blue is the biggest no go. Fingers crossed this toner is going to wash out well (and not too quickly) and at the next appointment all the blue will finally get the chop.


Stay tuned!

Much love!