Style: winter prep

Summer is definitely over now, that can only mean one thing. Hibernation. As much as I’d love to spend the next six months curled up on the sofa with hot chocolate and the world’s biggest supply of bad films, but there is still life going on out in the cold and I probably should embrace that. I also don’t think work would be too impressed if I went with that plan either.

The next best thing has to be fluffy jumpers all day, every day. Jumpers for winter, groundbreaking. So warm and cosy though.

For me, the main issue with cosy clothes for work is them looking too casual and very obvious you’d rather be anywhere else. Not really the vibe I should be aiming for on a day to day basis. Here comes the challenge, comfy and cosy with enough of a splash of professionalism.

The rules:

A jumper a day

No jeans

No trainers

The extra challenges:

A hairstyle a day

Jewellery and/or accessories

More than five minutes on makeup

Some of these might seem like obvious choices rather than challenges, but what can I say? I have gotten quite lazy with any kind of work wardrobe recently so this is a well needed task. Fingers crossed, with the help of a few nice hot drinks, I’ll get through the week with a bit of style.

Stay tuned!

Much love!