Craft: mini jewellery part three

It has been quite a while since I’ve got any of my jewellery making supplies out, it’s long overdue. I thought it would be a good idea to start simple, it has been a while after all.

Here we have two different thicknesses of wire. Thinking completely inside the box, I decided to make some rings. So creative.

First step was to straighten out the curled up wires. Super exciting shot here. The problem with wire like this is it is way to bendy to keep any form so it needs a good hammering to give it a bit more structure.

After a good whacking with a textured hammer and a bit of bending around a ring stick, here we have a nice little textured spiral. I do have a feeling these are going to be a little bit big for my finger but instead of double checking, why not just keep on going?

After a bit of awkward sawing, here we have a pile of open rings. Sawing a coil is such a pain in my opinion, to much movement for my liking.

Time for soldering. Definitely my favourite part. Who doesn’t love getting to play with fire and being able to melt things down?

After a little polish, this is the final result. The texture hasn’t quite shown up as much as I thought it would, maybe a bit more whacking is needed next time.


Not too shabby for a quick craft I don’t think. A very good starting point anyway. The sizing isn’t too far off, just as long as they’re all stacked in the right order.


I definitely could have gotten more creative with my mini project here, but like I mentioned, it has been my first play around in quite a while. There is plenty more wire left to play with and hopefully the creative side of my brain is going to jump start into action very soon.

Stay tuned!

Much love!