Style: layering up attempt one

How hard can putting layers of fabric on be? Very, apparently. At the end of last week I had set myself a mini challenge to layer up in preparation for the cold weather. Turns out I really struggle with more than one item in the same place at the same time.

First outfit. Knitted sheer(ish) jumper, black dress, long waistcoat thing, tights, star boots.

This jumper and dress just didn’t work together. Neither did the tights and dress. Too much puckering at the cleavage and static anywhere near the tights.

Second outfit. Sheer(ish) jumper, base layer, black trousers, star boots.

So boring. There’s not too much to say. The base layer kept wriggling its way out of the neck which wasn’t the best look or feel.

Third outfit. Burgundy shirt dress, black wooly jumper, check trousers, star boots.

I really wanted to love this outfit, but I didn’t. The jumper was too cropped and the trousers too big so my vest kept popping out to play. Not great when you’re trying to carry things around the office.

Outfit four. Fake suede skirt, floral shirt, wooly jumpers, tights, star boots.

Cold shoulder jumpers should never be worn with shirts. Unless you like the puffy shoulder look. I personally don’t. Fake suede skirts also don’t work well with tights. It’s a good job I had a long coat on this day, every time I left the office, the skirt disappeared.

The star boots had to be the saving grace of the week. They were the only item each day I actually felt confident in my choice.

I hate layers. You could argue that you can’t really blame the inanimate objects in the challenge and it’s my fault for layering the complete wrong things. Base layers where too baggy for the outer layers and everything was a little bit on the boring style. This could be classed as a lesson in how not to do a thing, but is 28 a bit too old to be learning how to dress myself?

I do refuse to be defeated by clothing though so I will be back with a plan and hopefully a much more successful week of outfits.

Stay tuned!

Much love!