Craft: mini jewellery part four

What happens when you combine letter punches, hammers and a tiny bit of pent up frustration? This.

It should be quite clear, I’m no expert, but here are my tools.


The stamping process (the way I do it anyway) it pretty straight forward. Find your metal, choose your letters and let loose with the hammer. I did have a little chuckle to myself when I realised the second half on my name is just ‘nah’. I do feel the need to point out, this wasn’t the first time I learnt how to spell my name, I just haven’t spent much time thinking about it recently. That doesn’t sound so much better. It seemed like the perfect sign for saying nah to more rubbish that has no purpose in my life.

Smacking bits of metal into other bits of metal is pretty therapeutic. As is the odd profanity. Who hasn’t had a little swear to ease frustration every now and again.


My new tiny drill bits came in pretty handy with making holes for the chains that didn’t look stupidly big. Problem in a previous project.


I’m pretty happy with how these have all turned out. My inner childish rebel is also quite looking forward to wearing naughty words out into the real world.

The possibilities for personalisation are endless, I might even manage to control the pent up energy for the next batch.

Stay tuned!

Much love!