Style: Dr Martens for work

With winter coming, it’s time for the return of the docs. I absolutely love my Dr Martens, but I never quite feel cool enough to wear them in public.

My current aesthetic is slowly morphing into constant pyjamas. Big, baggy and cosy. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this style, I’m far too easily influenced and until it is socially acceptable to hibernate throughout winter, I just can’t risk the temptation.

Que Pinterest inspiration.

Now, as amazing as all these ladies look, I’m not that cool and don’t have these outfits. I also don’t have quite the right Dr Martens for these looks, I can see a shopping spree in my very near future.

I’m setting myself the super hard challenge of wear docs every day with (hopefully) a pretty good outfit to go with them. It hasn’t been a very thorough plan, but some effort has gone into the weeks outfits. The basic aesthetic is smart casual with a heavy dose of comfort.

Heavy on the knitwear with a few smart(ish) pieces that should give an office edge to each look. It is winter after all and my office is pretty relaxed and usually freezing. I have high hopes of feeling like a bit of a badass and bringing a level of sass to the workplace. What could go wrong?

Stay tuned!

Much love!