Style: Pinterest glitter

If there’s one time of year you can embrace you’re inner 6 year old and whack a bit of glitter on your face, it has to be December. Good old faithful Pinterest is clearly a good place to look for some sparkly inspiration.

There are so many options I kind of forgot to focus on individual images and just got a bit carried away with anything slightly metallic with any kind of shimmer.

Look one. Bit of a rose gold shiny eye with a thickish liner. While I was putting all this on it felt a lot more dramatic that the camera makes out. I actually think this is a look I would wear out, either I’ve lost my ability to do crazy Pinterest styles or I’ve just become a bit more daring with what goes on my face in the real world.

Look two. Darkish outer corner with a sparse sparkly inner corner. I wasn’t too sure about this shimmer when I first tried it but I actually think I could get used to it. Whether in real life I will look like a 6 year old playing dress up is a whole other question.

Look three. Brownish and all the glitter possible. I need to work on lighting because these pictures don’t show the extent of the glitter glowing on my eyes here. I haven’t used this many sparkles since last year’s Christmas crafts. My outer Scrooge wants to hate this, but my inner child is jumping for joy. This might have to be a special extra fancy night out look at some point over the festive period. I may have lost my mind.

I think I’ve definitely lost my edge. These aren’t half as crazy as I’d planned out, especially for Pinterest looks. I need to step my game up.

Getting fully in the Christmas spirit, I’m going to try and incorporate a bit of glitter into every makeup look for the whole of December. I don’t honestly know how long this is going to last, I don’t even really know where this new found holiday festiveness has come from but why not embrace it?

Stay tuned!

Much love!