Lifestyle: Christmas festivities part 1

For the past few years I have fully embraced a Grinch aesthetic when it comes to Christmas time. Too many people getting excited and stressed about getting into debt and spending time with people they’d rather not. I still don’t quite see the point in all that side of the holidays, but doing nice things with the people you want to spend time with isn’t half bad.

This is the short(ish) story of how two amazing friends melted a Grinches heart. Too dramatic. This is the story of three friends getting into the Christmas spirit with a good old buffet, mulled wine and some gorgeous decorations.

I might just be a Christmas convert. Baubles, laughter and nails in my fire surround, is there a better way to start December?

Even Egbert has found himself caught up in festivities. He’s usually the silent judgemental type who stands in the corner.

Either I’ve peaked too soon or this is the start of an extremely merry month.

Stay tuned!

Much love!