Style: glitter day 1

After my mini experiment with Pinterest inspired glitter looks, I set myself a mini challenge of incorporating a bit of sparkle into everyday life during December.

I feel like I need to make it clear (although it’s pretty obvious), I’m not a makeup artist. Shocker I know. I don’t mind watching the odd YouTube beauty tutorial, but who wants to walk around with a constant cut crease? If that’s your style, you go for it, but it really isn’t for me. Anything that takes longer than 10 minutes is out of the question for my morning routine. I’m just too lazy and would rather have the extra time in bed.

All that being said, if anyone is interested in my very minimal method, here’s a quick run down.

My base and eyebrows aren’t anything special, my aim is to avoid any streaks with a bit of crazy brushing and attempt to keep in the lines with my brows with a bit of brushing through to try and avoid any harsh lines. Then comes the slightly exciting bit. Shimmers. I don’t think these can be classed as glittery shadows, they definitely can’t, but they shine just a little bit so that’s good enough for me. I used the lightest colour in the MUA mini pallet all over my lid with a nice big soft eyeshadow brush. Nice sparkly base. Then I took my smaller kind of angled brush to pop a bit of the Rimmel middle goldish colour at the outside edge and blended with the bigger brush. Bit of eyeliner and mascara and it was time to run out of the door because I was already late for work.

I quite liked this look. A little bit tame, I’ll admit that but it was the first attempt and I don’t want to blind the old men at work straight away. I’ll ease them into it and slowly blind them throughout the month. Great plan in my opinion.

Stay tuned!

Much love!