Style: Dr Martens for work update

My challenge for myself last week was to wear and style Dr Martens for work. I still love my Dr Martens and after a week of living in them, I feel so much more comfortable wearing them in the real world and I don’t think I ever want to take them off. Although when I was taking all the outfit photos, I realised how basic my skills are and how unphotogenic the majority of my looks for the week have been.

Outfit one. Check shirt, black jeans, oxblood lace up docs. This was a great starter outfit. Comfortable, practical and the absolute best part, this shirt from H&M actually fits my arms. I always struggle with shirts that have any kind of shape being far too tight on my upper arms (too many carbs not weights).

Outfit two. Mustard jumper dress, burgundy pull on docs. Little bit pyjamaish but I loved this look. The only thing letting it down were the socks. Far too long and kept poking out of the top, not exactly the look I was going for but at least I’ve learnt my lesson there.

Outfit three. Grey knitted jumper dress, grey textured skirt, oxblood lace up docs. I didn’t realise how high the side splits in this dress are so the skirt was a last minute addition but I think it works pretty well. Very cosy if not a little bit of a pyjama look.

Outfit four. Cream knitted jumper, beige culottes, burgundy pull on docs. Not a pyjama look for a change. Proud of myself. By this stage in the week I had gotten over my irrational self doubt of showing a bit of ankle skin and felt good about myself in this outfit.

Outfit five. Black fluffy jumper, white skirt, black tights, burgundy pull on boots. I promise this outfit looked so much better in person. At least it made me feel better than it looks here. It made me feel just the right amount of sophisticated with a bit of an edge.

I’d say this has been a pretty successful week. There wasn’t an outfit a didn’t like and I felt good about everything I put on. The one downside is I have somehow managed to misplace a brown boot, it has to be in the house somewhere but who knows where right now. I would like to try this again maybe with a few less pyjama style outfits, although it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to control myself for the whole week.

Stay tuned!

Much love!