Style: glitter day 3

I can’t quite decide how much of a mistake this little challenge is. It’s only the second actual day of glitter (the real day 2 didn’t count, it was a Sunday, if I’m not wearing a bra I’m not wearing makeup).

As I mentioned in my first glitter post, I’m clearly not a makeup artist, I just like having a little experiment whenever possible. For some reason I just can’t resist a self imposed challenge either.

Here’s today’s run down. I had even less time than the first day, that’s just how I like to live my life on the edge.

The usual base and eyebrows, I don’t think there will ever be much variation on this process. This CYO shadow doesn’t look it in pictures but in real life it is full of tiny flecks of glitter. I went with this on a little fluffy brush all over the lid going out maybe a little bit too far passed the edge of my eye. I tried to darken it a bit more at the outer edge with a more dense brush, not too sure that actually did anything though. Then I went in with my little finger and the lightest colour in the Model Co palette just on the inside corner. I quite like that these give a bit of a wet look colour. Straight for mascara and out the door.

Not the most exciting, but not bad for my five minute eye and eyebrow time limit. I don’t hate it though. Tomorrow I’m going to try and incorporate a colour that isn’t a neutral. If I wake up with more than 10 minutes to spare.

Stay tuned!

Much love!