Lifestyle: kitchen transformation part 1

Happy new year! Absolutely no surprise that I’m late to the party with this one. If I had any intention of making any new years resolutions, time keeping would be at the top of the list. But who cares about new year changes, everyone knows they get forgotten about after roughly 10 days. Besides, I already set myself some birthday challenges.

I decided a better start to 2019 would be the first installation of many mini house transformations. New year, new kitchen. That’s a thing, right?

Here we have the starting point. I was never a huge fan of this kitchen, then I had a new boiler fitted (great idea for anyone thinking about it) and this created a very ugly corner and made clear just how much I hate this room. This probably would be a good time to point out that my dad makes bespoke kitchens for a living so it wouldn’t be unfair to say I’ve been brought up being a bit of a kitchen snob.

Lifestyle: kitchen transformation part 1

While I’d love to pay someone to come and fit a gorgeous new kitchen, I’m too poor for that and definitely lack the master craftsman skills to do it myself. Luckily, Google seems to have the answer for everything. Cheap looking veneered cupboards can apparently be painted. B&Q came through with some perfect paints for the job, and even better news, all the colours I wanted were on clearance.

Lifestyle: kitchen transformation part 1

Naturally, I did quite a bit of research into how to paint everything properly and then disregarded all of it. I’m an idiot.

The professionals say to clean thoroughly and use a roller, there may have been some more in depth steps but like I said, I ignored them.

Cleaning was so much fun. So much sugar soap spray and bleach I actually started feeling ill at one point. Rubber gloves are a must at this point unless you want your hands to disintegrate. As bad as I’m making it sound, there is something quite therapeutic about scrubbing a surface, the first one at least. Getting to the last cupboard any kind of cathartic release had definitely worn off.

Step two in my version of decorating was getting the paint brush out. I’m not sure what my aversion to rollers is, I think I’m going to blame that one on my dad as well, he always told me they wasted too much paint.

The first coat was a scary one. I was so impressed with how it tuned out though. So much glossier than I expected as well. In my opinion such an improvement on the beech(?) veneer.

Lifestyle: kitchen transformation part 1

Only another million hours with YouTube helping pass the time and the cupboards are done. I maybe should have explained earlier my rough plan was a darker at the bottom lighter on the top kind of theme. B&Q clearance offered Colbalt Grey and White, they fit the bill in my opinion. The grey was pretty much fine to apply, but the white was a bit of a nightmare. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a white paint that does anything in one coat so I wasn’t surprised at having to do two coats. Such a pain though. Only being able to do a door at a time took so much time. At the end point I got a bit lazy and didn’t clean my brushed properly so there are a few streaks around.

Lifestyle: kitchen transformation part 1

On the whole, I don’t think it looks too bad. Especially when the lights are dimmed. I have learnt some important lessons during this process, don’t use to much paint and always clean your brushes properly so they don’t end up putting cornrows in your fresh paint. The next step has to be the tiles, I really can’t wait for that at all. No sarcasm at all, I promise.

Stay tuned!

Much Love!