Style: Dr Martens for work part 2 update

Style: Dr Martens for work part 2 update

The challenge for this week was to take a second attempt at styling Dr Martens for work, preferably using items I haven’t worn in a while that are a little bit more extra than I would usually wear on a day to day basis. My Christmas work uniform had basically been as many of the cosiest things possible so it wasn’t really too much of a challenge to upgrade my looks.

Day one

Grey jumper dress, grey satin(ish) duster, black tights, oxblood Dr Martens. Great start to the week in my opinion. Such colourful options. I am going to give myself a bit of credit here, the duster isn’t something I would normally wear for work and I think the sheen finish does give it a little something extra. Bonus points for feeling pretty good about myself all day too.

Day two

Check shirt, check trousers, black belt, burgundy Dr Martens. I loved and hated this outfit at the same time. Being a recent convert to mixing prints, I really wanted this look to work and I did get a few compliments on it which is ideal. My only issue was the trousers. If they were half a size bigger (or if I was half a size smaller) this would have been the perfect outfit. It did feel like more of an androgynous look that what I usually go for which felt a little bit strange at first, but I don’t hate it.

Day three

Maroon floral(ish) dress, cream jumper, black tights, brown Dr Martens. I’m not too sure what I was thinking here. In terms of wearing things I haven’t worn in a while, I thought I was doing well, until I saw my Facebook memories I used this dress exactly a year ago in another work styling blog post. So original, I know. It also became apparent why I hadn’t been too concerned that one of these boots has been lost for a while. They are just too big and heavy and are a bit of a pain to wear to be honest. I don’t think they will be making another appearance any time soon.

Day four

Jeans, graphic tee, leopard print fake fur coat, burgundy Dr Martens. So this wasn’t a work day, and everything apart from the boots has been bought in the last three months. I was however dressing for a cinema trip so I think it would be fair to say the leopard is pretty extra. Just to justify my choice a little bit here, I wanted to be warm and cosy and thought this coat was a better option than turning up to the film in pjs and a blanket.


Day five

Red and blue striped wrap over dress, jeans, white vest top, burgundy Dr Martens. Now this felt like a pretty extra outfit. I’d been putting off this dress all week because even though I do love it, I always feel slightly awkward in it for some reason. By the time I was dressed and at work it was a bit too late to do anything about it, so why bother worrying? To be fair I did feel kind of good swishing around the office, it would just be nicer if this dress was made from a more forgiving fabric.


Day six

Check culottes, white sheer shirt, white vest, brown belt, brown Dr Martens. This was the final chance for these boots, they weren’t any more comfortable (surprise, surprise). The rest of the outfit was all just a bit, meh. Not a combination I’ve worn before I don’t think, but not one I’d be rushing to wear again anytime soon. There’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on that doesn’t quite work for me.


On the whole, I think this week can be counted as a success. There were a few lackluster attempts but nothing too tragic (I hope). I never quite thought I would say it, but I’m quite looking forward to a bit of time without my Dr Martens on. They’re heavy and my legs ache. Such a drama queen.

When I unearthed the missing brown Dr Marten, I also discovered some other shoes that I’m ashamed to say I had forgotten about. This can only mean they need a chance to get out into the world, not to mention how much I’m sure my feet will appreciate a change of habitat.

Stay tuned!

Much love!