Lifestyle: kitchen transformation part 2

Phase two of the kitchen transformation. You know when you start a project and have that sense of instant regret but you also know you should really carry on with it? That is the perfect description for my feelings stepping foot back into the room.

Trying to be a little bit more positive, I was armed with fresh sponges, brushes, sugar soap and Nanny McPhee on the tv.  What could go wrong?

Like with the cupboards, I’d bought some Ronseal specialist paint. Again, I did some bear minimum research and was even prepared to buy a roller but the YouTube clip I watched said to use a brush.


Step one. My  favourite. Scrubbing the tiles until I pass out from cleaning fumes. Tad bit dramatic there, and compared to cleaning the cupboards, this was a piece of cake. Far smaller surface area, just slightly more awkward having to bend over the worktops for a few hours at a time.

That could just be where the good points of this phase end. Spoiler alert.

I was slightly concerned about the black tiles being covered in one coat, when does white ever cover anything in one coat?


Imagine my surprise. No more random black squares. That really is where the good things end here. From a distance it doesn’t look too bad (as long as you have a very optimistic eye).


Upclose? Are slightly textured tiles a thing? This definitely isn’t the desired finish I had in mind. I was thinking more of a smooth shiny finish. My dreams are so extravagant. About half way through, I thought I was getting more streaks from the brush drying up. Learning from this mistake last time, I changed brushes. This didn’t seem to make much of a difference.


From a distance (and with the lights off), I am quite impressed with the outcome. On closer inspection (with the spot lights on) it really is a very different story.


The kitchen does look brighter.

The whole process only took the length of Nanny McPhee and Mirror Mirror (film length being my favourite way to measure the passing of time).


The finish really isn’t great.

It may not have taken too long (especially compared to the cupboards), but considering the result, it took too long.

The worktops now how some lovely little pools of white paint at the grout lines.

I have to say, on the whole I really wouldn’t recommend any novice wasting their time or money on this. If you have some expert painting skills that I didn’t realise I didn’t possess, then go for it.

Maybe I’m being too critical and when the walls are painted too, the whole room will come together. Or I could just be kidding myself into not giving up completely.

Stay tuned!

Much love!