Style: Pinterest scarf challenge update

Style: Pinterest scarf challenge update

I don’t think I have been quite so excited for a challenge in a long time. Pinterest inspired scarf outfits all week long. What could go wrong? Wearing blankets for a week has my name written all over it. Absolutely zero prep work went into planning these outfits. Just to blow my own trumpet a little bit, everything was achieved in about 20 minutes.

Day one

Blue jeans, white shirt, leopard boots, black belt, blue check scarf.

This outfit had me feeling like I should be heading off to teach a class at an informal version of Hogwarts. Who doesn’t like feeling like a cross between a wizard and a teacher? I can’t say it has ever been a combination anywhere near the top of my list, but I didn’t hate it. There was a slight issue with the scarf and shirt collar pulling each other down which wasn’t ideal but wasn’t the end of the world either. I did expect this outfit to be slightly warmer than it was, the lack of complete cosiness was a bit disappointing. I think maybe this would make a better spring time cover up, or just in any temperature a lot higher than freezing. I did like the leopard and check combination though, I’m definitely becoming more and more of a bright colours and clashing patterns convert.


Day two

Check trousers, black fluffy jumper, black boots, red check scarf.

This outfit had me feeling a bit like Bay City Rollers biggest fan. Although that’s not exactly true, I am becoming a bigger fan of tartan that I ever thought I’d be admitting to. I thought I remembered this scarf being longer than it is. I thought that was going to be a problem, but I think it actually ended up being a bonus for the outfit. Apart from slightly cold ankles, this was a pretty cosy day in the office. Bonus points for being able to undo the trousers without anyone being able to tell after I’d eaten my dinner and they started to feel a little bit too tight.


Day three

Black dress, black jumper, black boots, colourful chunky scarf.

This outfit had me feeling about as close as looking like one of the women from Mad Men as I am ever likely to get at my current workplace. I can’t quite remember the last time I wore anything this fitted, it did feel slightly strange and brought about a tad bit of unnecessary perving but nothing too dramatic. This scarf seems to be a pretty accurate representation of most of the colours my hair has been in the past six months.


Day four

White skirt, grey jumper, black over the knee boots, black and grey scarf.

This outfit had me feeling like a sassy (slightly inappropriate) boss. The skirt is split fairly high at the front and back, higher than the top of the boots. I really wanted to look this outfit more. Visually I was pretty proud of myself for putting it together in roughly five minutes. Practically, it was a pain in the backside. The boots kept falling down. The top of the skirt and level of the belt refused to stay lined up. The jumper tucked in overlap (there must be an easier way to try and describe that section) stood out like a sore thumb. At one point, the scarf managed to escape the belt leaving me carrying a pile of boxes with a stripy tail following me along. Not ideal.


Day five

Jeans, beige jumper, grey creepers, beige and grey scarf.

This outfit just has vibes of old lady who has given up ever so slightly. That wouldn’t be so far off. After a week that lasted approximately three years, my head was not in the putting clothes together space. Excuses aside, I don’t really know what else there is to say about this look. Not the most inspired, but it does follow all the rules so I’m giving myself a pass there.


I really never thought I would say this, but I’m over blankets. Let’s not be too hasty, they will always have a well deserved place in the living room but I think they need to take a long break from the outside world.

Time for a new challenge. Any suggestions are very welcome!

Stay tuned!

Much love!