Style: Bellami review part 2

Style: Bellami review part 2

The second wig has finally arrived. I’ve only been waiting since October but I think it has definitely been worth the wait. As I mentioned in my previous Bellami review, both wigs were on offer which made the purchase so much sweeter. As I had also mentioned in my previous post, this whole idea came about through a slight obsession with Mykie from Glam and Gore. She had designed a shoulder(ish) length pink, curly wig which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. It was out of stock. They did have this one on offer though so it seemed like a pretty good second choice.

First impression was love at first sight. The colour is more of a dusky pink shade than I had expected which I don’t hate at all. It actually looks very similar to a shade I’ve had my little hair at some point in the past 6 months maybe.


So, this is a lot curlier than I had expected. Also not a negative, just a lot more volume than the picture on the website.


A little brush out seemed to help calm down the Dolly Parton style curls. This did make me pretty nervous, I was having flash backs of brushing out my curly hair and it turning into a big frizz ball. It probably should have occurred to me that synthetic hair wouldn’t act the same as real hair.


Compared to the blonde wig, this one seems to have much more prominent roots which maybe does look a little bit too harsh along my forehead. It does look pretty accurate though for how my natural roots look when they’re growing out.

I really like how this hair sits around my face, with the blonde it felt a bit too in my face (that used to drive me crazy back in the days when my own hair was anywhere near long).


I am so happy I bought both these wigs. I just need to pluck up the courage to wear them outside, and make plans to go out into the real world to be honest.

Any name suggestions for this or the blonde would be great, they do really need to be christened before they can leave the house I think.

Stay tuned!

Much love!