Lifestyle: Sheffield staycation – Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Cannon Hall Farm

It is such a cliche but there are so many places to go and things to see on my door step and I have not made the effort to see the vast majority of them. Who has time to explore their surroundings these days? My excuse has always been not having anyone to go with, I’m not against solo trips but a day excursion is usually better with company. A visit from my sister and her boys is the perfect remedy to that problem. It has been quite a while since I was a child, but I’m very happy with the two days out we had. The kids didn’t seem to hate every second of it and us adults got to enjoy some new surroundings.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have been driving past the sign for the sculpture park on the M1 for years now but have never gotten around to exploring the place. Very impressive. Parking was a bit of a nightmare (that’s too dramatic, it was a slight inconvenience) the first car park was full so we got diverted to the next one along the road. This did make me a little bit nervous for how busy it was going to be inside, but honestly the park is that big it never felt crowded at all. There is plenty of ground to cover and more than enough sculptures in all different styles to keep everyone occupied.

From checking out the website again after our visit, there’s a good chance we missed out on seeing some of the exhibitions but that just gives me even more reason to go back and do some more exploring.

This is definitely a place I would recommend to anyone looking for a Yorkshire day out. It was a little bit chilly in February but as long as you’re bundled up it’s not a problem. I’m already planning my next visit for the summer time.

Cannon Hall Farm

I grew up in a Lancashire village surrounded by farms and went on countless school trips to them over the years. We are talking many years ago here but I did have a pretty low bar of expectation set for Cannon Hall Farm. Not that it would be bad, but if you’ve seen one farm you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. I was beyond impressed with the setup they have created. We parked in the over spill car park which meant walking through the beautiful grounds to get to the main attraction, great start to the day. Getting through the ticket stands, there were a lot of people but also a lot of things going on everywhere (not an overwhelming amount but enough that we knew it was going to be a full day trip and not over and done with in half an hour). We started off with a ferret race that was more of a stamina test for the staff than the ferrets showing off their speed, still entertaining nevertheless. This was followed by a ridiculous amount of the cutest baby animals. Anyone who can’t get over the smell of the farmyard to appreciate these cute little things needs their heads testing. I feel like I need to point out how well you could tell all the animals are being looked after, I’ve been to animal places before were some aspects seem a bit questionable but there was none of that here at all. We ended the day with a talk on lambing and a bit of a run through of the ewes that had already given birth and the ones who were ready and waiting. Interesting stuff. Since then I have started following the farm on Facebook and have become slightly obsessed with the live updates on all the new little babies coming into the world. I would definitely recommend that to anyone who wants an extra dose of cuteness in their lives. It goes without saying I would also highly recommend Cannon Hall Farm as a day out to anyone, I’m planning my next trip here as well to check up on all the new bambinos.


I nearly forgot to mention the sheep racing. I have never seen a sheep race before but I’m glad I have now and would probably say that’s my style of running a race, my spirit animal might just be a sheep.

Now to find the other hidden gems Yorkshire has to offer that I have just been too lazy to get myself over to.

Stay tuned!

Much love!