L’Oréal Colorista Hair Makeup Review

L'Oréal Colorista Hair Makeup Review

It’s that time again, my roots are coming along a treat so it must be time to play around with some new colours. Not blue though, never blue again. With a slight fear of dye (and a nice little offer on Superdrug) I thought I’d give the L’Oréal Colorista Hair Makeup a go. The box says gone in one shampoo but we shall see. The box also says rose gold but should we just agree to call it pink, there doesn’t really seem to be any kind of gold tint on the packaging or in the product colour. I can live with that though, my blonde is probably looking brassy enough already.

Here we have the starting point. Lots of roots and a few different levels of blonde going on. Quick little side note, I am quite enjoying this length but the greys that have started appearing in my roots should probably be addressed soon.

First impressions are questionable. It goes on easy enough but does make the hair feel a little bit stuck together and clumpy. Not an immediate hatred and I’m not too sure what I was expecting but there you go. I was quite impressed (you can’t really see in the photo) but you could see a bit of the colour in the roots so if you do have darker hair and wanted something very subtle, this could be an option.

This made me nervous. The box says you don’t need to wear gloves, so I didn’t. It did make me nervous to touch anything else in my room but I think I may have gotten away with not leaving handprints everywhere.

Here we have the result. I like it but honestly I’m a little underwhelmed. After the first layer of hair I did try to use slightly less product just to avoid the crispy texture that was starting to build up. I don’t hate it. To be fair I could also be slightly biased because I’ve tried various shades of pink before that have packed a bit more of a punch. On the plus side though, this seemed to use very little product so there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with using more at a time and play around with placement.

One the whole, I can’t really hate L’Oréal Colorista Hair Makeup. It cost me £4.66. Not a bad mini transformation in my books. Time will tell though if it does live up to the one wash claim.

Stay tuned!

Much love!