Love Clothing Bargain Haul

Love Clothing Bargain Haul

As much as I love a sale, I’m not usually drawn in by offers that sound too good to be true – especially not from companies I haven’t used before. Until last week. While wasting time scrolling through Instagram, I came across a post that stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t a sponsored post, which to be honest always puts me off looking further, I also don’t quite remember following the page but then I can’t say I remember everyone I follow.


My interest definitely peaked. £3 per item though is just too good to be true, surely?


I threw caution to the wind and put my order in (using PayPal so at least my credit card details couldn’t be stolen). Imagine my surprise when the very next day a parcel arrived. Imagine my even bigger surprise when I opened the bag and found well made items that looked exactly like the photos on the website and Instagram. So everything I had put in my basket wasn’t what I would describe as my usual style, but when the complete haul was £15 I thought it was a good opportunity to take a risk. I feel the need to point out I’m not usually a fan of shopping from cheap retailers because of all the fast fashion/ poor quality/ potential slave labor issues, this seemed to be a closing down sale though which seems like a different kettle of fish.


Spotty body.

I have always avoided bodies. The first thing they always conjure up in my mind is unavoidable VPL. I do like a bit of sheer though and this has a thong back, which to be honest I don’t really know how I feel about that either. Belly button aside, I am a fan of this item. The fabric is nice and soft with just enough stretch in it. I think for wearing in the real world I should probably try a more solid base, or maybe some more high waisted trousers for a going out out look.


Fishnet body.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a prudish dresser, but this is ridiculous. Back-less, side-less and see through. Less definitely isn’t always more. Quality wise, I am still impressed with this item. Shape wise, it just does not work for me at all. I am currently trying to work out a way to make this work, there must be some alterations that can be made. Any suggestions are very welcome!


Sheer sequined dress.

This is the piece that caught my attention on Instagram and I am honestly so impressed. It could do with a little de-creasing and the belly button going into hiding, but the fit and feel of the fabric are great. I can see this being dressed up or down and just perfect for summer. Keep an eye on my Instagram (@hannah_jen22) for pub garden and party sightings.


Embroidered sheer dress.

I don’t think I could have been any more impressed with this dress. I expected it to turn up with poor embroidery and being completely sheer. There is a well fitting lining and all the stitching is as solid as you can expect from a high street piece of clothing. Style wise, I feel a little bit like I’ve been taken back to my university days and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I don’t hate it, it just isn’t a version of me that I’ve been in a while! Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a way of styling it to line up with the more mature me now.


Fake leather dress.

I bought this as a joke. I may have lost my mind but I kind of love it. It does need a slight alteration around the top of the zip but that is a fit issue I’ve experienced before so can’t be too critical on that. The dress is fully lined and made from a nice soft fake leather that picks up more shine by ring light than it does in real life. I’m not sure what events I have coming up that I can wear this to, but I’m sure I can make it work somewhere.


I am so impressed. I would recommend anyone checking out Love Clothing and making the most of the craziness while it lasts. I’m not sure whether they are closing down or just clearing out ready for new stock, but who can turn down an actual bargain? When was the last time you had a shopping experience that completely blew all your expectations out of the water?

Stay tuned!

Much love!