Hump Day Crafting – Pyrograph For Absolute Beginners

Hump Day Crafting - Pyrograph For Absolute Beginners

What’s a girl to do on a Wednesday night when it’s cold outside? Burn patterns into wood, why not? A few months back I commandeered my dads old pyrograph machine. For some reason a fully grown man doesn’t have time in his life to personalise every piece of wood in his possession. Madness.

This little pyrograph machine is nearly as old as me. From what I’ve been told, the last time it came out to play was to decorate a hobby horse for cute little toddler me. Fingers crossed it still works!


So this kit comes with four differently sized rounded blobs, one wedge, and zero instructions.


Does anyone else get excited about starting a new project then realise they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing? This was the realisation I had after setting up my little work station. Dots and lines seemed like a pretty good place to start to get the hang of how to use weird old thing.

Veneered wood probably wasn’t the best medium to start with but it was about the right size and didn’t require standing in the freezing cold garage to prepare a few unfinished blocks. I do quite like how the finish bubbles and discolours with the heat though. With the bobbly tools, straight lines didn’t look so great. The biggest bobble burnt out after the first few dots, not the greatest start, hopefully I can fix it and hopefully the rest won’t give up so quickly. I then went on to drawing pencil lines to follow which wasn’t so successful so I thought maybe scoring through the veneer first would help, it did look a little bit better but still not great.

I will admit it took far too long to realise the wedge/straight line end would probably be a lot better for making lines. What an idiot. At least I figured it out in the end.


I have to admit, I was far too cocky going into this little craft project and did find myself a tad disheartened when I wasn’t an instant pro (I can’t be the only one who gets to this point with a new craft). To give myself a bit of a boost, I thought what could I do with dots? Negative space designs have also intrigued me so it seemed like the perfect thing to incorporate with a bit of pointillism. Very simple but it did the trick.

Not a bad starting point in my opinion. I obviously still need a lot more practice but there is plenty of potential for this technique. Any suggestions are very welcome!

Stay tuned!

Much love!