Failed Kristen Stewart Hair Styling

Failed Kristen Stewart Hair Styling

In a search for ways to work with my ridiculous roots until my bank lets me go to the hairdresser, I came across this image of Kristen Stewart. She always looks so cool. I did start off with pretty low expectations of being able to make myself look anything like her, but it was worth a shot.


Now clearly at some point between looking at my source image (multiple times) and turning back to my mirror, I forgot what I was trying to do. I don’t really need to point this out but I am so far from a being hair stylist and just about manage with a pretty boring day to day routine. Doing a bit of hair experimenting really threw me out of my comfort zone and skill set. Massive respect to anyone who can handle a hair drier and a brush at the same time without nearly knocking themselves out with the combination. Here we have the results of quite possibly my first ever self administered blow dry.

This felt a bit too big and wild so the next logical step seemed to be the curling wand. Something else I haven’t used in quite a while and many memories of neck burns all came flooding back. I still can’t quite decide how I feel about this. Mainly just because it is very different to my usual, boring go to style. Slightly because I have no idea what’s going on in the back.

I thought a little bit of styling wax would help define the curls. I’m not sure it did anything positive. The back and side sections really felt like they were trying to break away from the rest of my hair and start their own little monk situation.

When in doubt, add a plait. No more pesky short bits refusing to join in with the rest of the curls. This felt so much more comfortable and not a bad way to take the attention away from the roots.

Slight issue. It looks absolutely nothing like the photo of Kristen Stewart that I started with. The hair is all in the wrong direction, too curly and just nothing like what I had been aiming for. I don’t hate what I’ve come away with, but am still intrigued if I can come anywhere near Kristen’s edgy style.

Stay tuned!

Much love!