UV Resin For Absolute Beginners

I love a new craft and I especially love a new craft that offers lots of scope for multi media uses. At university I played around a little bit with the kind of resin you have to mix two solutions together and it was a bit of a nightmare. There was far too much sanding and faffing around to get a finished product that looked anything like what I had in mind. I’ll take complete responsibility for that not working out, I did very little research and was most likely using the wrong resin and wrong techniques.

Then I came across UV Resin. According to the internet, this cures within minutes with the help of UV light. Perfect for someone with a short attention span when it comes to drying times. I found this UV resin on eBay for £9.99 for 60g, I’m not an expert but this seemed to be a pretty standard price across all buying platforms.

Then you need light. This little torch was £2.69, again from eBay. It seems okay, but to get the batteries in I really had to jam them into the casing so I’m not convinced it won’t be a one use item, which isn’t ideal.

Now the internet has lots of resin colouring options and decorating type things which I somehow managed to resist. It would have been very easy to spend a small fortune, but after seeing a few tutorials of people mixing seemingly anything into their resin I thought I would take the same tact. In the garage is a shoebox full of various glittery options that were bought for some pretty tragic Christmas crafts a few years ago. Perfect.

Jewellery making was the key project that got me most excited about UV resin and there were plenty of silicon moulds on offer for various bead and ring shapes, then I came across these. Four jigsaw pieces that can make a jigsaw as big as you’d like. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my mind was ever so slightly blown. These were £3.99 from eBay.

My method was very straight forward, squeeze the resin in, add some glittery things, stir with a cocktail stick and flash with the torch. Simple.

I am so impressed. This may just be my new favourite thing. It was crazy how quickly each piece solidified. There was a bit of a smell and I could see some kind of vapoury substance coming off each piece so I’m not convinced breathing any of that is is so great for your health, but it is very fun. They did all come out with a little bit of a sticky glaze as well, but after a bit more research it sounds like my iddy biddy torch probably isn’t quite powerful enough but with an afternoon in the sunlight, the stickiness is completely gone.

I can’t quite get over how well everything I bought works together. The resin is complete clear, the edges on from the moulds are as crisp as you like, and all the jigsaw pieces fit together perfectly. On closer inspection, there are a few air bubbles in a couple of the sections, and I probably could have put a bit more resin in to level off the top sides better.

For a first attempt, I couldn’t be happier. I know what to look out for to make the next batch better. More excitingly (not to my credit card), I would say this definitely warrants splashing out on some more moulds. So many possibilities!

Stay tuned!

Much love!