ASOS Leopard Print Haul

ASOS Leopard Print Haul

Is leopard print still a trend? Is it ever not really a trend? Am I old enough to embrace my inner Bet Lynch?

Cue ASOS ordering and my credit card hating me.

Leopard version one

These green print trousers are from Pull & Bear and cost £19.99. I will admit I didn’t have high hopes for these, but oh boy was I wrong to doubt. I absolutely love the fit, the fabric is lovely and soft, then I don’t think I need to say anything more than pockets. Amazing. Would definitely recommend.


Leopard version two

After becoming a recent convert to body suits, here we have a pink wrap front body from Missguided priced at £28. I will admit to being a bit of a Missguided snob, the few times I’ve bought directly from them before I really haven’t been all that impressed. I know a lot of people love their clothes, but for me, their standard sizes just always seem to fit a bit weird so I end up with that twisted feeling all day – like if you’ve ever put a pair of tights on but the foot is the wrong way round and it feels nothing but wrong. Rant over. Not a winner in my eyes.


Leopard version three

This blue beauty is from Brave Soul and was £15 in the sale (originally £25). I’ve mentioned before my issue with shirts, if they are anywhere near fitted then you can guarantee my arms will look like sausages squeezed into a too small casing. This one however, nice fit, lightweight, nice and soft. Two big thumbs up over here.


Leopard version four

I don’t quite know what I was thinking here. This dress is from Liquorish and cost £36 in the sale (originally £58). I think I forgot I wasn’t super model tall and this amount of patterned, shiny fabric is not so flattering (in my opinion) on me. It didn’t feel like me and didn’t make me feel particularly nice or special so a big thumbs down from me.


Leopard version five

This jumpsuit is very fittingly from Unique21 and it cost £30 in the sale (originally £45). I really do think some designers could do with checking their animals before naming products, or (to be fair) maybe that is the web teams responsibility. Anyway, my point is, as soon as my housemate saw this she said it looks like cow print and I looked ridiculous. I can’t say I disagree at all. Like with the last dress, I think I’m just far too short for this amount of fabric. It’s kind of the vibe of a child dressing in her mums wardrobe. Not for me thank you.


This has been a bit of a disappointing haul really. Maybe I’m just not really old enough for Bet Lynch status just yet. I have learnt something new about myself though, I am a fan of non natural colour leopard print, if that makes any sense at all? Blue and green basically. Back to the drawing board maybe on my print selection. Any suggestions very welcome!

Stay tuned!

Much love!