How to style short hair – parting edition

Before my wonderful hairdresser sorts out the mop that is currently living on my head, why not have a play around? Aside from the slightly dead condition and obvious colour issues, I don’t completely hate the new length. What can I do with this?

I have tried quite a few different colours over the past couple of years but the one thing I haven’t really played around with is my parting. I’ve had roughly the same side part for the past 15 years with a couple of years off for a middle part when I had a full fringe.

It has also come to my attention recently that I basically have the same style as my dad. When did that happen? I never thought my dad would subconsciously become my style icon.

The usual

This is round about where my hair usually falls. A sliver above my shave and straightened to within an inch of its life. Picture a slightly receding hair line, a beard and a hint of a bald patch, and you have my dad. Same nose and everything.


The middle

Every time I try a middle parting I really don’t know why I feel any optimism that it will look good. David Beckham with his curtains, any awkward teenage boy 15 years ago, in fact picture brunette not blonde and we have my brother when he was younger – before he discovered the hair clippers.


The zigzag

I don’t know about anyone else, but I desperately wanted to be Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen when I was younger. Trying to emulate my teenage style icons when I’m nearly 30 probably isn’t the best way to go but it is a step up from the straight middle part, right?


The square

An evolution of the zigzag and in desperate need of some glittery butterfly clips.


The plait

I do generally stick with ‘when in doubt, stick a plait in’. I’m not sure this little moto quite works here.


The high side

You know sometimes when a little change can make a big difference? I wouldn’t say this is one of those times.


The asymmetric

Just to mix it up a little bit, a parting from the other side. Nothing to hate, this might actually be a good, normal daytime look. Or I’ve just gone crazy from staring at my own head for too long.


I can’t say any of these seem particularly successful. I either need to accept the fatherly influence on my style, or find some more up to date style icons. Or, follow my brothers lead and get the clippers out.

Stay tuned!

Much love!