Escaping to France for the weekend

Escaping to France for the weekend

You know you’re stressed when you need a day off from work before a weekend of relaxation. I can’t quite decide if I was purely that run down, or the anticipation of four days off was too much to take. Or maybe a mixture of both. Such a drama queen, I know.

In theory I am a firm believer in taking time out to let your mind and body heal when it needs to. In practice I do have a tendency to forget and carry on running on fumes without any time to get my head back in a good place.

Four days in the blissful French countryside has to be the cure to any problems in life. I was sold on the idea of sitting in the sun with absolutely nothing to do. This could sound boring to some people, but to me it sounded like heaven and just what my little mashed head needed.

Packing turned out to be unnecessarily stressful, planning to dress for the most relaxing weekend in the world should have been a piece of cake but the thought of being over or under dressed and not being able to do anything about it really does get my knickers in a knot. It goes without saying that was irrational panic for no reason, and future visits to paradise need a very basic supplies. Pjs, a cosy jumper, sandals, shorts, my kindle, and a notebook. Luckily enough, that all fits into a bag that complies with the new super strict Ryanair cabin bag rules.


It is quite embarrassing to admit how long it took to relax without feeling guilty. Which is crazy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has become programmed into associating negative connotations with doing nothing, but it is so necessary. Being in a situation where you don’t have any option to do anything or be distracted by something that feels so important at the time, really does force you to relax and attempt to slow down.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is feeling run down, stressed out, or generally overwhelmed with life to take a little guilt free time out. It doesn’t have to be a trip (although it does help being isolated in beautiful surroundings), it could just be spending an afternoon with your phone turned off and a notebook to help turn ideas and thoughts running round your head into something productive and a functional plan for when you rejoin the real world.

Until I get back to my new favourite French resort, I am going to make a conscious effort to escape the real world whenever possible to keep my head in the game. After all, I’ve now got a notebook full of plans that I can’t wait to get through.

Stay tuned!

Much love!