H&M Conscious Collection Haul

H&M Conscious Collection Haul

Starting a shopping haul with the sale section really isn’t always the way to go. The H&M sale is especially disappointing. Enough moaning, it’s time for part two. H&M offer a conscious collection that according to the website currently uses 57% recycled or sustainably sourced materials and that aims to be 100% by 2030. That all sounds great, honestly I have read snippets about issues within the company but I can’t say I have done any research (slap my wrists). Any step away from fast unsustainable fashion has to be a step in the right direction though, right?


This dress. I love it. The fabric feels good quality and the fit is so comfortable.


This dress. It is a lot girlier than I think anything else currently in my wardrobe and I am a fan. The fabric is so soft and the fit is great without being too tight. Bonus points for not having to wear a bra.


This knitted co-ord set. Matching sets have been my marmite for years and I’ve wanted them to work but they never really have. There’s a theme going here, I love it.


These trousers. Clearly in need of an iron but, love. Such good quality, perfect fit, and pockets. This top. Basic but I’m a fan.


This top. Not such a fan. I’m pretty sure my grandad used to have something very similar.


This shirt. My wardrobe felt a little lacking in the check shirt department, fitting with stereotype and all that. I just can’t.


This shirt. Slightly better than the first, but I still can’t.


This top. Maybe I’ll try this style again when I’m over 40 and setting up my art studio. Not for me right now.

This section of my ridiculous haul has been so much more successful. Slightly different styles to add to the wardrobe. I feel like a real grown up.

Stay tuned!

Much love!