H&M Sale Haul

H&M Sale Haul

An identity crisis and a credit card are a dangerous combination. ASOS is my usual go to outlet for excessive and somewhat unnecessary purchasing but I thought I’d go crazy and try H&M instead. Wild, I know.

Starting with the sale section possibly wasn’t the best option.


This top. As soon as I put it on, I was transported back to the early 2000s and all those tragic elastic hems and cold shoulders. Not a keeper for me.


This top. Who doesn’t love an awkward peplum and lace that looks like hairy armpits? Not me. It’s just a bit of a sad top in general really.


This top. There might just be a little hint of boob there, I don’t hate it.


This is about the time I think I completely lost my mind and forgot that elasticated off the shoulder tops are not for me at all.


What was I thinking?


These were not good options.


Not my finest moment. I did enjoy the little nostalgic moment of having three of the same top in different patterns just like the catalogue orders from when I was a kid. Good times, bad style.


This top. Another sad piece. The quality isn’t great at all and it really isn’t very exciting.


This top doesn’t look quite so sad in pictures but in real life it is maybe the saddest and it has no place in my wardrobe.

I think it’s very safe to say, everything here was in the sale for a reason. Nobody wants them. Cheap isn’t worth it. Any other cliche you can think of about getting what you pay for. Luckily, my shopping spree wasn’t limited to the sale section and I’m optimistic there are some nicer pieces coming. Fingers crossed. It really can’t get any worse.

Stay tuned!

Much love!