H&M Young Styles Haul

H&M Young Styles Haul

So a big part of my current identity crisis has come from feeling like a lot of my clothes are too young for my aging years. I do have a tendency to forget I’m not 18 anymore. That shouldn’t be so difficult to remember, it must just be my old brain failing me already. Cue the ‘Young Styles’ section from H&M trending now. I never learn.


The trousers. So simple but exactly what I’ve been looking for. Soft fabric and a waistband high enough to not show any builders bum. The top. I just have one question, why is the lace panel so wonky? Not for me.


This top. Love. Soft and wearing crochet makes me feel more at one with my inner wool obsessed old lady. These trousers. I’m clearly planning for a summer holiday that hasn’t been planned, that isn’t a problem.


This skirt. What and why? If I was moving permanently to the beach, it could be a winner but I’m not.


This jumpsuit. I don’t even care if this is too young for me. I love it. I will definitely be found flashing a bit of side boob around whenever possible.

I’m so glad this H&M haul has ended on a much more successful note. Now I should probably work making some space in the wardrobe.

Stay tuned!

Much love!