H&M big bra haul

H&M big bra haul

I swear this is the last of my ridiculous H&M shopping spree. I just couldn’t resist checking out the lingerie section before heading to the checkout. Being a somewhat avid bra wearer for the past 14 years or so and having worked in lingerie design and production for a short time, I feel I’ve got a decent basis for giving my opinion. Or I just love literally any excuse in the world to justify spending money.

Previous experience with high street lingerie sections have taught me to not even attempt wired bras as they never accommodate above a D cup. Not the end of world when you’ve fallen out of love with wires anyway.


After my recent leopard print haul, I just couldn’t resist. I’m so impressed with this one, the fabric is nice and soft, the band is firm but not too rigid and the cups fit without overspill.


Removable pads are not for me anymore. When I was a teenager I couldn’t image wearing any kind of bra that didn’t have padding, imagine not having enhanced boobs at all times. Not for me anymore, and besides it makes the edging lace sit funny. This without the pads is great, good cups and I do love a longline.


I am always on the look out for some kind of undergarment that is comfortable, looks nice and keeps the girls under control. Sadly, this is not the one. It’s cute, but for me it isn’t quite elastic enough so there’s some weird little saggy areas which isn’t what I had in mind at all.


I really wanted to love this. Front fastening and racer back is the bra of my dreams. This looks like a sad bikini top that doesn’t fit at tall and you just know is going to disappear into the plunge pool as soon as you go down a slide. Not for me.


This is another one I really wanted to love. A front fastening and cute lace, what more could a girl want? For me, this lace needs more stretch to be able to cup a boob.


I am just going to backtrack on myself a little bit here, I’m not a fan of a removable cup but who could be mad at a molded cup? The size of this compared to the soft bras was a little bit scary but I’m so impressed by the fit and love the lack of wires but the feeling of support.


I should have known better than to buy a two pack. I don’t have any excuses. These aren’t a great fit on me and feel a bit cheap, I should have guessed.


A little while back I bought a bra from Bluebella that I absolutely fell in love with. This looked like a very similar style, but the fit is nowhere near and the fabric quality isn’t anywhere near as nice. What a shame.


This could be my new favourite night out bra. Great cleavage, no wires and a cute little lace flounce. Being a big fan of a low neckline I think this will be the perfect accompaniment.


This is very possibly my new favourite day time bra. Can you call it a bra? Slightly supportive top? Very comfortable with a firm (but not too firm) under bust band and good elasticity. Perfect.

I am so pleased with this selection, especially from a high street shop. It definitely helps steering away from the traditional restrictive wired and strictly sized bras. I seriously need to have a clear out now. Too many bras!

Stay tuned!

Much love!