Two Part Resin – what not to do

My recent experiments with UV resin made me curious to give two part resin another go. What can I say, I love a new project, a new medium and lets be honest, any excuse to spend a bit of money.

EBay to the rescue.


It has been such a long time since I used two part resin and I remembered it being pretty straight forward apart from the polishing up at the end. My memory is worse than I thought, or I bought a different kind of two part resin. This stuff started off well, then went down hill very quickly. The instructions said to use a different amount of hardener for different weights. That’s how I read it anyway, I could be wrong. Quite possibly wrong. To compare it directly to the UV resin, I thought I’d use the same jigsaw pieces. By the forth piece, the resin had started to harden. It took less than 5 minutes to fill them. Okay, maybe slightly longer with the time it took to add the glitter and mix it in, but it can’t have been much longer.


I caught the third piece and ended up with a big old lump that wouldn’t flatten down, and then the last piece wouldn’t even fill up completely. Not what I had in mind.

I mixed another batch with a slightly lower amount of hardener to see if that would give me some extra time. It didn’t. It did help adding the extra bits in before I started but it didn’t seem to save much time and the bottom sides ended up with bits of wires poking through. The batch still hardened in less than 10 minutes and most of it ended up going in the bin.

Just before the last batch did harden, I managed to fill up another couple of long moulds and I kind of love how the bubbly one turned out. No idea how I did it but I really would love to know. Maybe something to do with the pipette and mixing the glitter through.


I may need to go back to YouTube and back to eBay. Maybe this isn’t the kind of resin for small projects, maybe I need to look into bigger projects that are much quicker to fill. I am really impressed with how clear this resin does come out though. I’m also really impressed with these long moulds. Pendants, light fittings, the resin world in my oyster. If I can figure it out.

Stay tuned!

Much love!