Hello Fresh second impression

Hello Fresh second impression

The worst thing about your best friend moving out and getting her own independence is losing your own personal chef. I swear I’m not such a selfish person. I miss her, and I definitely miss all the delicious food she used to cook for me. Cue the second Hello Fresh meal. Lizzy provides the wine, I provide the food. Simple and the perfect set up for girls night. Also, a pretty good opportunity to get a second opinion on the service.

Meal number two was the Spring Time Roast Chicken Breast. I won’t lie, after a couple of glasses of wine it was very tempting to just order a takeaway. Luckily Lizzy has more sense, maybe. After a few minutes faffing around finding the right pots and pans we were ready to start the cooking process. Absolute first impressions from a newbie (speaking as an expert) the instructional sheet is great. Fully illustrated and clear directions. Time to get to work, by which I mean me reading the clear instructions and Lizzy doing the majority of the work. Old habits die hard in the kitchen. She did teach me how to bash chicken though which is very therapeutic and I will definitely be looking for recipes to do this with in the future.

I think I covered the plastic issue slightly in my Hello Fresh first impressions, but the plastic packaging issue came up in cooking conversation. Pretty much everything is wrapped in plastic. We were both under the impression Hello Fresh is all about the exact measurements being provided so it doesn’t make sense to have so much packaging. The two very oddly sized chicken pieces were in a huge plastic bag, the herbs were in plastic bags, the rocket, bread, etc. if all these ingredients are intended to be used within a few days, why do they have to be covered in plastic? Would paper bags not do?

For me, cooking with your best friend is always an enjoyable experience. Music on, chatting and dancing between steps is always a winner in my book. I’m not so convinced Hello Fresh is worth the hype. I also mentioned in my last price the cost aspect. £14.99 for three 2 person meals isn’t bad at all. The full price doesn’t seem so appealing. I’m generally a big fan of Sainsburys, they offer home delivery and have a recipe section where you can add the ingredients to your basket at the same time as buying your essential bread and milk. I’m clearly not sponsored by Sainsburys, but their set up offers (in my eyes) the same convenience of having recipes delivered but without all the unnecessary waste, as long as you plan your meals.


The outcome here honestly was a bit underwhelming. Baked spring onions and radishes are just strange. The radish looses its flavour and the spring onion withers to nothing. It wasn’t a bad meal at all, but I genuinely got bored of eating halfway through and couldn’t bring myself to finish it. So dramatic, I know. Another thing I feel the need to point out, if this is the lazy option as far as food goes, you end up with so much washing up. I have never cooked anything before that requires so many bowls and pans and cutlery. Not ideal if you’re hoping for the lazy persons guide to cooking.

The general consensus was definitely don’t bother. So I still have one meal left from this package and I think it’s too late to cancel next weeks so I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt in that I could have just chosen poorly here. I don’t have high hopes though and I can’t really see myself carrying on with this subscription. Who knows though, the next meal could blow all expectations out of the water.

Stay tuned!

Much love!