Hello Fresh third impression

Hello Fresh third impression

You know that excitement you feel when you think you have discovered something amazing? Then that sinking feeling because you have made a huge mistake? That is how I currently feel about Hello Fresh. My third meal was Mexican Beef Loaded Wedges. Sounds delicious, oh how I wish it was.

In my first and second Hello Fresh impressions, I think I mentioned the on going issues with excess packaging and mountains of washing up. So much washing up. Surprise, surprise, those issues haven’t disappeared in this third installment. I have never had to wash a grater so many times in one meal prep session. It was pretty shocking to have so many empty packets to throw away when I was finished as well, especially compared to the tiny pile of food waste. Not ideal.

Just to balance myself out from becoming a completely negative Nancy, there are a couple of highlights to this service that probably do deserve a slight mention. The instructions are easy to follow, if not a little strange sometimes (has anyone ever grated a carrot into Mexican food before?). Only being able to choose from a small selection of meals does make it easier to make a decision and to choose something you wouldn’t necessarily go for if you could choose from every recipe ever invented. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I bought any kind of beef, I’m not so sure I’ll be rushing out to get any more but it is nice to mix things up.


The end result was so underwhelming. Just like with the last meal, I got bored of eating it. In an attempt to stop being a drama queen and re-frame this whole experience into something more positive, maybe this is the perfect meal planning for if you want to loose weight. You’ll end up eating far fewer calories from pure boredom. Plus, there will always be leftovers to stop you spending money on lunch the next day. For me, that isn’t quite enough incentive to keep going with it. Give me BBC Good Food and some freezer boxes for the extras any day.

Who knows, this whole experience may have just irritated me enough to actually get back into cooking and start exploring really tasty recipes again. I’m really craving good food right now.

Stay tuned!

Much love!