Bleach London Aubergine Dream Review

Bleach London Aubergine Dream Review

It has been far too long since I have done anything to my hair. A work function didn’t seem like the most appropriate time for pink hair, but now that is over and the roots are in full bloom, it is time.

A little while ago I saw this post from Georgia May Jagger. She’s gorgeous, obviously, and so is this hair colour. I’ve used the Bleach London coloured shampoos and conditioners before but honestly I didn’t know they also did hair dyes. Perfect timing.


My local high street isn’t the best for shopping, and who I am kidding, I hate going real life shopping. Luckily Bleach London has a great website and a discount when you sign up. Who doesn’t love a little discount? There’s also a nice little deal when you buy three products. Who could resist that?


I will admit I’ve played it safe with my colour choices. I’m clearly stuck in a pink and purple phase at the moment, and honestly I’m just scared to go anywhere near blue again.

This was my starting point. I’ve been using a L’Oreal purple shampoo and Bleach London pink conditioner recently so I did have a purpley tinge to begin with rather than pure blonde.


The application for this product is so simple. Wash and towel dry hair, apply all over and leave for 30 minutes. The dye doesn’t have that harsh chemical smell that you sometimes get and it applied very easily all over, Granted I have short hair so application never usually takes that long anyway. You don’t get any gloves with this, but my hands weren’t stained afterwards anyway.

I did kind of expect a darker or more vibrant colour while it was still wet, or at least for it to develop over time but it didn’t really change at all. The little purple bits on my head came straight off and I haven’t found any skin staining at all. Very impressive.


I kind of love the outcome. It isn’t anywhere near as dark as I expected, or the colour Georgia May Jagger had in her Instagram post, but I’m not mad about it. The colour is nice and even, which isn’t usually the case with the coloured shampoos and conditioners.


My hair feels in great condition and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this washes out and trying out the other colours. Added bonus for these Bleach London Super Cool Colours is that they are vegan and cruelty free. Who can be mad about that?

Stay tuned!

Much love!