Styling short hair with headbands

Styling short hair with headbands

After last weeks hair accessories attempt (and pretty big failure), I thought headbands must be the next (not)logical step forward. The pre 30 struggle is hard. Finding a way to stay young without looking like an absolute idiot is hard work. Maybe it’s time to accept defeat and just grow old gracefully. Where’s the fun in that though?


ASOS DESIGN hairband with pretty floral daisy detail in silver tone

How very cute. Not so sure how I feel about that. Overly cute isn’t really my typical aesthetic and I’m not so sure now is the time to lean that way. It’s also pretty painful pretty much straight away.


This is an oldie I bought from ASOS years ago but compared to what they have on offer these days, it doesn’t seem quite so extravagant.


ASOS DESIGN headband with knot front in cow print

This may be my new favourite thing to put on my head. I didn’t have high hopes to be honest but I really like how it works with my hair colour and think it might just be a lifesaver on very lazy hair days.


ASOS DESIGN green floral twist front headscarf

Headscarves like this were a trend when I was a young teenager, they were in my little bubble anyway. I remember buying a swirly patterned brown and teal one that had an elastic band holding it together under where the knot ties. It was pretty tragic, but it made me feel so sophisticated. This could be a similar mistake but this time I’m getting beachy, free spirit vibes.


ASOS DESIGN twist block headscarf in emerald green

I’ve got a bit of a bad habit of finding something I kind of like that I want to make work and buying it in every variation. I should probably stop this. I do quite like this, but it is a bit chunkier than the one before which makes me think it would work better with longer hair, but why should all you long haired beauties get to have all the fun?


ASOS DESIGN padded headband with statement pearl in monochrome stripe

How wrong is it that I kind of love this? It is completely ridiculous and too heavy to stay on my head. I really want to add a but at the end of that last sentence to save this headband, but the only positive thing to say is it makes me laugh. 5 year old me with my thick full fringe and long somewhat unruly curls would have been in her element.

On the whole I don’t think headbands are for me. I know that might be a big surprise. Headscarves have more of a shot, but I do have a sneaking suspicion they will end up being tidied away and forgotten about. The journey continues to try and do something a bit more interesting with my miniature mop.

Stay tuned!

Much love!