Styling short hair with hats

Styling short hair with hats

Hats have always been an accessory I’ve loved but haven’t always felt 100% confident wearing them. Since getting my hair cut short, I’ve gained a fair amount of confidence in the fashion department but I’ve felt even worse about hats. It is (hopefully) time for that to change.

I thought the best way to find something that works is by getting a selection of styles. Surely that’s a foolproof plan? In case you hadn’t guessed, all these lovely things are from ASOS.

I have wanted an extravagant floppy hat since that scene from Sex And The City with Samantha eating chips and dip. I can’t be the only one. This isn’t quite as big or floppy as the hat of my dreams, but this could just make it more practical. Honestly, I thought I was going to laugh this hat off my head, but I kind of love it. Am I going mad?

This hat (if you can call it that) did get laughed off my head. Just why? I’ve seen versions of this style for as long as I can remember and always questions who, why and what. I can’t lie, I still have those questions. Surely you’d just end up with a burnt scalp if you wore this in the sun?

I had mixed feeling about this hat too. It is kind of giving me bad guy from Ghost Whisperer vibes but I don’t think I hate it.

I did buy this a couple of months ago but thought it definitely deserved a mention. How fabulous? It looks a little bit like a beanie here but it is more of a turban style and I love it. Currently I have only worn it when I’ve had to leave the house with a hangover, who can feel bad when their head is sparkling?

Wow. I am genuinely so impressed. Unless I have completely lost my mind and any sense of what looks good, I really don’t hate any of these hats with my short hair. Aside from the obvious outcast, these should all be styled with real world outfits very soon!

Stay tuned!

Much love!