Bleach London Bruised Violet Review

Bleach London Bruised Violet Review

You might have seen my recent review of Bleach London Aubergine Dream. If you haven’t and you have any interest in hair colour, I’d recommend it (not that I’m biased). I did love the colour and the way the product made my hair feel, but honestly the longevity was a little disappointing. I don’t think it even lasted 5 washes. This Bleach London Bruised Violet did make me nervous on first appearance, with it being a darker purple the prospect of blue pigments being present is just a little bit terrifying. Have a look at my blue nightmare if this seems like a bit of a dramatic statement.

The first attempt with Bleach London may have lulled me into a false sense of security and I may regret my decision, but it’s always worth a try. Famous last words.


Here we have my starting colour. Nice big roots and a nice blend of blonde shades. I really do have a good hairdresser.


Disclaimer – I didn’t realise quite how many little hairs were stuck to me after shaving my head.

The application process is nice and simple – apply, brush through, leave for 30 minutes. The bottle did suggest gloves, which I ignored and now have slightly purple finger nails. I may have also ignored the brush through stage, there must be hairbrushes in the house somewhere but I really couldn’t tell you where. Just like with the Aubergine Dream, the product doesn’t have any nasty chemical smell I’m going to guess that is something to do with the vegan and cruelty free formula.


My hair feels amazing. I nearly forgot to mention that I did use the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask before putting the dye on which has definitely helped with the condition but I wouldn’t say the dye has dried it out at all. I do have one slight regret with not brushing the colour through as directed, under my fringe there is a little bit of blonde still showing but I think that is plain and simple user error.

Bleach London Bruised Violet Review

I’m not mad about this colour at all. It is a bit brighter than I had expected but past experience with vibrant purple colours (L’Oreal Colourista) tells me that my hair won’t be so purple for so long but we will just have to see how this Bruised Violet fades. Fingers crossed for some nice pale purples.

Stay tuned!

Much love!